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埃尔西·拉森+艾玛·查普曼Emma 1Emma 1Emma 1Emma 1Hi friends!As we hurdle toward the holiday season it's got me thinking about making new traditions this year.This will be my first year to be married during the holiday season,so that will have it's own set of changes,excitement,maybe a little stress,在所有的欢乐时光里。I will say,one thing that has changed already is my level of interest in watching sports.Specifically college football.Trey and his family are diehard Texas Longhorn fans,很难不参与到兴奋中来(即使他们没有任何人都会称之为明星赛季)。But I can confidently say that I really enjoy watching football games with Trey and our family.To give you a frame of reference on my previous sports knowledge,大约在去年的这个时候,我仍在为“先倒”的概念苦苦挣扎。意想不到的变化可能很有趣,but I dig it.🙂

艾玛穿着:女衬衫,C/OOnze,牛仔裤/斯爵士,shoes/Aldo (on sale!)和Sunnies C/O滚滚杂草.Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie 1Elsie's Wearing: Top/J.Crew,Dress c/o ModCloth (Eva Franco- no longer available),Earrings/Moorea Seal,Bracelets/F21 + Anthropologie,袋/奥,Boots c/oCoclico.

What about you?Do you have any new traditions you are starting this year?XXOO。Emma (+ Elsie)

  • 这将是我和我丈夫第一次独自过感恩节(这是住在城外的家庭和与护士结婚的好处)。).I'm trying to embrace sharing a holiday just the two of us and starting to dream up decorations and recipes.

  • 这将是我们的第一个秋天和圣诞节,有一个小宝贝在我们自己的房子里,这两个都是如此令人兴奋…而且有点可怕!I'm looking forward to starting traditions that will last throughout our"family season"直到孩子长大。The first year we were married we threw a big Halloween party,but that tradition will have to be postponed this year,因为婴儿最多只有几个星期!So I'm setting my sights on Christmas!!

  • 我不太确定是什么,but I really dig the pics in this post.More than usual even!Something about the tones and framing and marvelous colors.Super adore that background you found!我喜欢城市里混杂着绿色和鲜花的垃圾。Good eye!!

  • I'm still in my first year as a newlywed,too (at least for another month!) so this year has been full of combining traditions from both of our lives and starting new ones together.Christmas is a big one,since it's also my husband's birthday.We've incorporated a couple of things that we both did growing up,and last year,I made cinnamon-pecan sticky buns that we sipped with our 必威英雄联盟homemade eggnog by the fire.That will be a new tradition for sure.Each holiday brings with it the chance to start a new tradition with just the two of us.🙂

  • Getting into your signifiant others hobbies/interests can be fun.My husband is an avid football (aka soccer!风扇。Over the last 10 years we've gone to/watched lots of games including one in London and Paris.All I have to say is hotdogs on baguettes!There is always the food to enjoy!😉

  • 艾玛,我爱你!Have an Amazing Holidaym have fun,I wish you the best!!!我对体育也不太了解,但也不错……XO!< 3

  • I'm the kind of person who,my friends are my family.当假期来临时,我很沮丧,they all disperse.所以我们要在假期前和所有的朋友一起吃感恩节晚餐。Then when Thanksgiving day comes around,my boyfriend and I will just nom on leftovers and have a whole day at home to ourselves.感恩节是我最喜欢的节日。

  • You both have an amazing style!I love old and new traditions.This year will be a bit different,since I'll be moving away for 2 months,so I guess the new tradition will be frequent skype dates…?😀


  • fun!welcome to the wonderful world of football fandom 😉 this year will be the first that we don't go back home to visit our families during #2 is due on new years eve and i won't be able to travel that far.instead,we're inviting everyone to our house for thanksgiving!我非常紧张,已经很紧张了(因为‘我们的房子’还不存在!eek!) but excited to start a new tradition!!

  • 漂亮的照片!I've started getting into watching football more after marrying my husband…it's important to him so I can try and make it important for me!😉 We've started exploring recipes that we want to become a tradition to make around the holidays.太有趣了!🙂

  • Lovely outfits ladies!秋天的来临是我的最爱,它让我为即将到来的假期感到兴奋(如此兴奋,我提前计划)。While I'm not sure if we will start NEW traditions,we have a pretty fun one that we've cherished for 6 years now.In the beginning of December,my hubby,his son Finn and I head to a cut-your-own tree farm nearby,get hot chocolate and take the hayride out to the Christmas tree's.他们让我们下车,我们挑了一棵树。My husband cuts it and we wait for the next tractor to come get us.Once we get it all strapped to the car (like National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation),and get home,那天晚上晚些时候我有一堆开胃菜,small desserts,yummy vino and we take our time decorating.It's a very fun family type tradition that we look forward to every year.This year I'm pregnant,so I probably won't indulge in the wine,but likely a few extra cookies!😉

  • What a terrific backdrop!My interest in sports has also skyrocketed since getting married.他很高兴他们赢了,and I want him to be happy,so I can't help but root for his favorite teams.You girls look amazing.

  • Love Emma's outfit!!

    And this is one of my favorite photo spots you two have chosen.Very pretty!!

  • Emma,i love your sunnies and Elsie i like your bracelates.你真可爱!!
    my resolution is working on my blog and don't give up!it's hard but i like so much!thanks a lot!Xo

  • My first year as a wife was last year and I must say it was probably one of the most special Christmases we have ever had.我们正在考虑开始一个新的传统。At the beach,从我们住的地方开车大约一个小时,有一家可爱的绉纱店和一家可爱的圣诞装饰精品店,全年都在那里。I would love to spend the morning eating crepes and then picking out a new decoration for our tree or home.

  • Yay Football!!欢迎来到大学足球世界,Emma 😉 (Even though I'm a Gators fan,I accept you.) I can't say I have any new traditions,但我相信这会改变,因为假期即将到来,这是我第一次和孩子们一起度过。🙂

    xo Ashley

  • Love it!My mom would always make cinnamon buns Christmas Eve and let them rise overnight.Christmas morning she would just have to pop them in the oven and there was breakfast!Such a special tradition,and one that you will be able to grow with family and friends in future years.

  • awesome.我想和我男朋友一起去参观新的博物馆和外面的地方。似乎我们总是被困在夜生活中,尽管我不知道。enjoy it… seeing the daylight on the weekends is also extremely fun.
    Would you like to stay in touch with me?visit my blog:🙂

  • Right on with getting to know about Football!!I was the girl in college that taught all my girlfriends about football.

  • This is my first holiday season with my Fiance in our new home.While I'm not a Holiday's person (I worked so long in retail,I think retail turned me into a Grinch!) I told him that this will be the first holiday season we WON'T be doing something retail-ey and that I want to spend the holidays at our house like a NORMAL DAY!!

    相信我,Thanksgiving Night,当每个人都从火鸡昏迷中放松下来的时候,I'm geting ready to go to bed to be up early for Black Friday Door busters.All my holidays up until I left retail had been a mix of anxiety and fear just from anticipating the next day.So I've never really in my adult life,been able to enjoy a holiday.I think now that can change in my new space with my fiance and start making better memories of the Holidays.The only one we DON'T have an issue with is Halloween,we love to play dress up and go to parties.


  • We got married right before Christmas,so I didn't really have time last year to make any traditions,but I definitely want to start a few holiday traditions!我一直在想在感恩节前一天为我们做一个小小的感恩节大餐,因为我一直喜欢烹饪,想做我自己的盛宴!And our house is just not big enough to host a holiday.虽然,9月22日的霍比特日(比尔博和佛罗多的生日)已经成为我们的传统,we're nerds!),伴随着盛宴和电影马拉松。
    I hope you have lots of fun creating new traditions with your new hubby!!
    你们两个看起来都很漂亮。I especially love your lipsticks.

  • Emma,,
    6 years ago when i met my (now) husband,我认为足球(和棒球)是电视上最无聊的事情之一。Sure I had gone to all of my high school football games- to socialize of course!!

    In comes this new man (my now husband),按天计算的会计,musician by night,college sports magazine owner and writer come fall and winter… and boy did he change my mind!!

    I've gone from wondering how those yellow and blue lines on the field move with each"向下(seriously!他们不能画得那么快!为了爱,watching and understanding!I love college football these days!!

    In our neck of the woods,我们有一个体育评论员叫Jen Mueller,我刚发现她为女性写了一本书来帮助我们理解这个游戏(并用它在商业中社交…)

    I haven't read it but,check it out,looks good!!

  • 这些照片看起来和你平常的服装照片很不一样,I love them!They've got that bohemian feeling 🙂

  • My boyfriend and his family are diehard sports fans,太!Let us know if you have any tips on getting more into it 😉

  • I love the Modcloth swan dress!I would have never styled it so casually but it looks amazing the way it's styled here!Giving me ideas for dressing down many of my more glamorous dresses at home 🙂


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