DIY Buffalo Check Rosemary Soap

DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-Soap我喜欢给自己做肥皂,也喜欢给别人!在收到我的头几封信之后Oui Freshessential oils,I was inspired to try my hand at a little holiday scented soap to give to my sisters-in-law this holiday.The rosemary oil was so fragrant and has so many beneficial properties like reducing stress,fatigue,紧张,aiding digestion,调理并去除皮肤干燥,not to mention it has antimicrobial properties,所以它真的很适合清洁肥皂吧!And of course I want my soap to be as cute as it is useful,so I tried my hand at creating a buffalo check pattern and they turned out so cute!I am sure my family is going to be so excited to get these!!


white melt and pour soap
clear melt and pour soap
-rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle (helps remove the bubbles from the soap and lets the different layers adhere to each other)
black oxide pigment
-Oui Fresh迷迭香精油(you can easily swap this for your favorite oil though!)
微波保险碗或量杯,spoon,and knife
square silicone pan

步骤1:用刀子把相当于1杯的透明肥皂切成1/2″到1″片(不需要精确)。把肥皂片放在碗里,用微波炉加热30秒。Stir until all the soap is melted.Feel free to heat again for another 10-15 seconds if needed.Once your clear soap is melted,在一个小碗或容器中加入一点黑色氧化粉,然后用酒精擦拭,形成糊状物。Stir with another spoon and then add roughly 1/4 tsp of this paste to your melted soap.

DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-SoapStep 2:搅拌您的肥皂,创建一个黑色有色透明肥皂(您想添加刚刚够,肥皂仍然是轻微的灰色和不完全不透明)。然后把肥皂倒进方形模具里。用摩擦酒精喷洒,去除任何气泡,然后冷却至硬化。

DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-SoapStep 3:Once cool,remove the soap and cut into 1/2″ strips.You can see below how the soap is thin and still semi-transparent.

DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-Soap步骤4:现在你需要清理碗并晾干,then add 2 cups of cut up clear soap into the bowl.Microwave for one minute,搅拌,如果需要熔化所有的肥皂,再加热一次。Be sure not to let the soap boil!!

步骤5:将透明肥皂倒入模具底部的1/2″薄层中,spray with rubbing alcohol,然后将黑色的肥皂条压入透明的肥皂中,在它们之间留下1/2″的间隙。Then let cool.

步骤6:Once the soap has hardened,remelt the clear soap still in the bowl (add more if needed).Spritz the top of the soap in the mold with the rubbing alcohol and then pour in another 1/2″ layer of clear soap.用摩擦酒精喷洒顶部,并在第一层的相反方向压入第二层黑皂条。

DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-SoapStep 7:Once the soap in the mold has cooled,开始融化你的白色肥皂基。最后一层大约需要2-3杯熔融的白色肥皂。Once the white soap is melted,add in 3-4 drops of rosemary essential oil and stir to combine,then spritz the soap in the mold with more rubbing alcohol and pour in the melted white soap.


DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-SoapStep 8:Once the white soap has cooled and is hard,remove the soap block from the mold and use a sharp knife to cut it into bars.You can also use cookie cutters to cut out shapes like ornaments,铃铛,and reindeer.



DIY-Buffalo-Check-Rosemary-Soap用一条漂亮的绿色或粉色丝带包裹在一个小提琴袋里有多可爱呢?通过在这个大方形模具里制作肥皂,you can easily get 6-8 bars of soap from one batch—enough to give all your friends with just one or two batches.另外,not only does it look pretty,但它从精油中增加了这些好处。Sounds like a pretty perfect gift,if you ask me!xoxo.Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten.编辑的照片A Color Story Desktop.

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